Technical Information

AATIS® and AATIS®/fr Aluminium Composite Panel

Premium quality architectural cladding material with superb durability and formability. AATIS® aluminium panel passed the European Coil Coating Association (ECCA) Standards and the American Architectural Manufacturer Association (AAMA) Standards. The Co-extrusion system guarantees bonding strength and a smooth, flat surface. The state of the art coating system with Kynar 500 ensures high weatherability and long lasting colour.

Surface Material

Standard Aluminium Alloy 3003/H16 or 3105/H16. Gauge = 0.5 mm (not including paint)
European Aluminium Alloy 3005/H42 or 5005/H42. Gauge = 0.5 mm (not including paint)

Coating System

Top surface -- Polyvinylidene Fluoride ( PVDF ) Kynar 500® PVDF. 70/30 or Hylar 5000 PVdF. FEVE Fluoropolymer, 
    Hign-tech Polymer-based Duragloss 5000, Continuose Anodized
-- PVDF 80/20 only with European Alloy 5005/H42
-- 2 Coat System: 25μm* (+/- 3μm)
-- 3 Coat System: 30μm - 35μm* (+/- 3μm)
-- 4 Coat System: 30μm - 40μm* (+4/-2μm)
*depending on colour
Between Aluminium and Core -- Chromate Coversion Coating
Bottom surface -- Polyester / Mill finished to prevent oxidation
Adhesive Agent -- OREVAC®. ARKEMA. Paris, France
Protective Film -- Polifilm®, Germany

Core Material

AATIS® -- Non Toxic Low density Polyethylene
AATIS®/fr -- Non Combustible Mineral Filled Core.
    Magnesium Di-Hydrate. Apymag® 40, Germany.

Material Code Tests: Thickness

Panel Fire Test -- DIN 4102 (Class B-1), BS 476 part 5, part 6, part 7, ASTM E119 (2 hr), ASTM E84 (Class A), ASTM E-108, 
    UBC 26-9, UL-94 (V-0)
Toxic Fumes Evaluation -- ISO-TR 9122-3 / Lower than IDHL values limits

Thickness -- 3 mm., 4mm., 5mm., 6mm.
Standard Size -- 1250mm. x 2440mm. x 4mm., and 1250mm. x 3200mm. x 4mm.
Custom Size -- Custom Width: 1000mm., 1300mm., 1350mm., 1500mm., 1575mm. (max)
-- Custom Length: Up to 8000mm.
* Custom size are subjected to minimal order requirement and slightly longer delivery time
Warranty -- up to 10 - 20 year Colour Warranty.

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